As the creative director, Alan is the beautiful mind behind every perfectly curated arrangement for our events and weddings.


    Louis is our boutique liaison and the friendly smile at the counter when picking up your fresh-cut flowers.


At the Caar'i Flora Group, it is all about color and texture combined with artistic floral designs. Our natural creative flair and stylistic approach enable us to constantly invent fresh and imaginative ways to incorporate flowers into special celebrations. Our avant-garde approach takes a simple idea and turns it into an exciting and distinctive floral masterpiece. Clients often collaborate with The Caar'i Flora Group's innovative ideas to refine their individual style, and to discover adventurous possibilities to customize their unique event. We intuitively learned that flowers have the prevailing ability to touch the senses: smell, touch and sight by recalling a memory, evoking emotion and creating an unforgettable experience.
Flowers don't tell. They show...